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About 4M Motors

About 4M Motors

4M Motors Huntsville

Where Passion and Experience, meet Affordability”.

At 4Mmotors we have a different approach to the car business. We sell cars not because we have too, but because we want too.

We are a small personal dealership that prides itself on bringing a high quality vehicle to the consumer regardless of the price range. We focus on vehicles that are $10k or less, but when we find a vehicle that is a nice fit for our customers, we don't let it get away. 

We don't sell junk. We take pride in all of the vehicles we sell. Although our specialty is more on the mechanical side, we try to sell vehicles that look good also. We are very particular about the vehicles we sell. 

Financing - We are not a BUY HERE PAY lot! We do offer financing for those individuals who are looking to rebuild their credit, and need good transportation. Most of our lenders will require between $1000 - $2500 down but it is guaranteed financing. We offer this option to our customers, but we are not bankers. 

Pricing  - Our vehicles are not always the cheapest vehicles.  We know this, because we take pride in delivering a vehicle that isn't going to leave you stranded when you need it the most. We sometimes spend more money re-conditioning a vehicle than some of our competitors. We do this because our business is one of reputation and not volume. Because we are a small dealership and can do many repairs less expensive than some of our competitors, we focus on delivering a mechanically sound product to our customers. Although we are not a one price store we are very close. 

Trades - Yes we take trades. If the vehicle you are trading isn't something we feel will be a good fit for a different consumer, than we will call around and get buy bids for you to trade it in with us. 

Don't see what you are looking for? -  We happen to be very good at finding vehicles for customers who have an idea of what they are looking for. We can shop across the United States to find the right vehicle for you. We will send you different options of what's available in the market right now and allow you to make a decision on what you want. Give us a call and we can talk about how to locate your next pre-owned vehicle.

Hours of Operation : Our business is designed to keep expenses low and pass that savings on to our customers. We are usually in the office from 9-2 Mon - Sat. working on our inventory. We are available by appointment at just about any other time that suits your schedule. All you need to do is call and schedule an appointment. We are usually not more than 20 mins away from the shop.

Showroom-  We try to keep as many of our vehicles inside our showroom as we can. We have room for about 10 vehicles to be kept inside. We do this to try to keep the vehicles clean and out of the elements. 

Advertising -  Personally I don't believe in spending a lot of money advertising. We utilize craigslist, Facebook marketplace, Facebook, and our website. We feel word of mouth and reputation are what is most important. We try to reward the people who make us successful by offering our 4Mmotors Facebook Give Back promotion. Quite simply if you like and share our 4Mmotors Facebook page, you are automatically registered for a drawing every time we sell a vehicle. We post the winners on Facebook as we go through the month. Its our way of Giving Back to the people who make us successful.

Warrranty -  Most of the vehicles we sell have no factory warranty left, due to age or mileage. Although we do everything we can to ensure our vehicles are in tip top shape, sometimes things break. We offer a 5 day money back guarantee on all of our vehicles, no questions asked. We do this because we want to make sure you are happy with your decision to purchase from us.

Visit Our Showroom Monday - Saturday 9am - 2pm or call to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you.

4M Motors

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  • Huntsville, AL 35805
  • Phone: 256-478-2277

Why Choose Us?

We save you money!

Our operational procedures and lack of overhead allow us the ability to sell vehicles to you for less.

We specialize in vehicles 10k or less.

If you are looking for an affordable vehicle, give us a call. We continually search for the best vehicles and deals around so that we can pass that on to you.

Our focus is on you.

We aren’t focused on how many cars we can sell or hitting a quota. We are focused on selling you a great vehicle for a great price 

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